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: 1 K. Kapinchev, Internal Structure, Module Organisation and Data Exchange of a Ship Handling Simulation System
: International Scientific Conference Computer Science 2008, Kavala, Greece
..: 2008
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: The level of complexity of a system, simulating the dynamics of a marine vessel requires multiple modules taking part it this process and exchanging data of various type and size. Most of the information is transferred in real time. One of the most important parts of the simulation system is the mathematical model (MM) which defines the dynamics of the testing vessel. This module process a significant number of calculations, in order to simulate the behaviour of the dynamics of a rigid body in fluid environment. The result of the simulation system as a whole is the motion of a ship in two or three dimensional environment, depending on the specific implementation. The following paper considers the main parts of such system, their organisation and the information they exchange to achieve the simulation.